ENTERTAINING CHILDREN (and rescuing their parents) - SINCE 2007 -

THE MISHMASH SHOW is a professional 45 minute non-stop, action packed sit-down show, guaranteed to keep your little ones entertained and engaged for the duration!

It includes clown silly business, comedy magic (where everything goes wrong and the kids just LOVE telling her she's messing it up!), some juggling, a naughty puppet monkey named Monty and lots of audience participation. MISHMASH won't miss the chance to lead the birthday song on her trusty ukulele! 

MISHMASH is well known for engaging ALL audience members, with adults getting just as big a laugh as the kids. 

ADDITIONAL ENTERTAINMENT Balloon modelling Giant bubbles Face painting A hula-hoop disco with structured games (30min) Can also appear on stilts Can MC your event 


MISHMASH is Michelle Seaton. Her grandfather Dave thought she looked like Ingrid Bergman so paid for her to go to the Johnny Young Talent School for most of her childhood. 

After graduating with a Marketing degree from UNSW, she went to her parent's home town of London to continue persuing her love of the stage.

There she found the best physical theatre teachers Europe had to offer. She studied at the Desmond Jones School of Mime and Physical Theatre, Ecole Phillipe Gaulier (the infamous French clown teacher) and then to Melbourne to study with John Bolton, the former Director of Acting at Vic College of the Arts.  

Michelle has performed in no less than seven countries - on stage, on stilts and most recently doing hundreds of MISHMASH shows in Switzerland where she lived for 13 years (she can also do the show in German). She was a Clown Doctor with the Humor Foundation Australia and participated in the "Smile Study" for the Arts Health Institute and Sydney Uni to formalise the positive impact of entertainment in aged-care facilities. She is also an MC.

Michelle now empowers others to give impactful presentations and speeches, is a copywriter, and teaches female entrepreneurs to use live streaming to get their businesses more visibile online. 


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